Theme: Journeying with Christ. (A group from St. Saviour's Parish, Pretoria Diocese.)


"Our retreat started out with a Eucharist service by Fr.  Katsana. The highlight of the sermon was learning about the greatest commandment, greatest command, greatest commission and the greatest conversion."


"Silence /quite time was the order of the day. We meditated on the word, as individuals and groups outside the Chapel( Luke 9:18-22). This gave me an opportunity to reflect on my spiritual self/ being in relation to Jesus Christ. It was an overwhelming emotional experience to know and acknowledge God's love for me and what He has done for me as his child."

"We went  back into the Chapel for prayers, praise ,worship and confessions. It was at this time that there was an overwhelming anointing of the Holy Spirit  that I cannot explain. It was a wonderful experience. I feel the retreat has strengthened my personal relationship with God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have peace, I feel I am the original me! I'm ready to help others journey with Jesus Christ."

Lorraine Motlhaloga


"The past weekend was a blessing to me.  It felt like  a heavy burden that I was carrying has been removed from my shoulders as soon as I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, not that I have not done that before but this one was different  .  I now can understand what a relief is to be walking with the Lord. Since that day there is always something I don't know how to put it but this thing makes me calm and tells me everything is okay do not be afraid.  God is in control of all your situations just give them unto him.  Ayi!!!  some of the things that are happening are difficult to explain but All is well.  I have this peace inner peace  and I thank the Lord for restoring me."

Refiloe Nonyane


"My experience with Sister Eunice Ntswaki is that I learn how to meditate . I had to dig deep inside me to find out who am I to Jesus Christ I did not know how to do that before . I had accepted Him as my partner . I now know how to communicate with him through prayer and the word of the Lord. Moruti will be a guide to me but its my duty to live the life I choose. I will try my best to practice a clean life . it is still a long road for me but  I am ready with the help of my fellow St Saviour women and Moruti Mokobake."

Mrs Ludick

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