The wisteria is blooming by the chapel, the crab apple in the corner, and the jasmine by the labyrinth; Jacob and Bishop Peter are stuck into the overdue renovation of St Francis; and the annual 8-day retreat fills the air with prayer.

At long last the random cut-offs of power and water should be behind us because the tangle in municipal offices, unresolved by previous management teams, should now be over.
BUT we think some of our 400 contacts may not be receiving our news because their e-mails may be set to filter bulk mailings, or send them to SPAM.

Hence we are sending this via two routes (with apologies for duplication) and would love you just to respond to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to let us know you have received it, and any changes to details on your side (sorry we have had a couple of address changes in the past couple of years too, forced upon us by collapsed servers).

The House itself has not moved and waits to welcome you in its secure car park; the phone is still 011 435 3662.

Speaking of which, bookings are open for 2018 and parishes or groups who are thinking of coming may be well advised to explore dates soon.

The St Ben’s team

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