St Benedict is a Retreat Centre for day visitors, or a short stopover, either for a retreat or a group meeting, as well as longer retreats. It is in essence a place of quiet and implements its vision of ‘helping people to pray’. It has a scheduled programme, welcomes groups to create their own agendas, and is open every Wednesday for QUIET WEDNESDAYs.

Retreats and Quiet Days 2015   


17 January (day retreat: 9am to 4pm)

Summer quiet day Our seasonal invitation to you – spend time with God.  Midday prayers at noon.

30 January – 1 February (weekend retreat)

Neels Coertse

A silent, Bible and bible study retreat

Through reading tracts of the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles, the time will be spent in reflection and prayer, held by Benedictine rhythm. Reading large portions gives the reader a bigger, broader overview of reading material – almost as if one is in an aeroplane flying to Durban in less than an hour.  You see things that the road user never will see.


20- 22 February (weekend retreat)

Bishop Peter John Lee

Before I catch the bus…some stickers for the fridge. 

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of Christ the King Diocese.  Because Resurrection Way has played such a vibrant role in the Diocese during those years, a retreat conducted by Bishop Peter, invites us to celebrate with him and receive his wit, wisdom and faithfulness to God in his ministry.


12 -16 March

A Four day retreat (provisional dates)

A personal, silent retreat, held in association with JISA – the Jesuit Institute of Southern Africa.

20 -22 March (weekend retreat)

Gavin Sklar-Chik

Easter with Peter 

IT HAPPENS.  How the Easter Happening gives meaning to life in the midst of mystery and mess.

View the full Retreat Programme for 2015 here.

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